Episode 24 : The Evolution of a Crocheter with Rosina from Zeens & Roger

Rosina from Zeens and Roger

Specialising in bright colours and most recently items of clothing like cardigans, mittens and cowls, Rosina from Zeens and Roger is a prolific crochet designer. Based in Devon in the south west of England, Rosina balances her work and family life with creating beautiful crocheted designs, a blog and a popular YouTube channel.

Rosina’s ‘Dreckly mittens’

Rosina was first taught to crochet by her Nan but it was only when she went on maternity leave with her eldest son, that she picked up a crochet hook again. Since her first makes for her new born child, she began designing for a wider audience several years ago and has gone on to have her work featured in a number of magazines including Inside Crochet and Mollie Makes.

Rosina modeling her ‘Companions’ wrist warmers

You can listen to Rosina’s episode here.

Rosina’s slipper socks

You can find Rosina on Instagram, on her blog and on her YouTube channel.

The music featured in this episode is Make You Smile by RGMusic from Melody Loops.

‘Road to nowhere’ shawl

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