Episode 26 : Granny Square Appreciation with Heather Griffith from HG Designs Crochet

Heather Griffith of HG Designs Crochet

Crochet can be a form of therapy for so many of us, but for Heather Griffith of HG Designs Crochet, it was through using the craft as rehabilitation after an injury, which set her off on a whole new adventure. At the time, Heather was training to be a lawyer and the repetitive movements of making granny squares helped her physically and mentally throughout her training.

It was last year though, during a period of ill health that she appealed for help to the online crochet community to buy her granny square patterns (to sustain her financially) that she decided to make the leap to crochet full-time.

Heather with some of her crochet patterns

Now, Heather runs a crochet design business (HG Designs Crochet) and online tuition for wannabe crochet designers (HGDC Hub) publishing work books to help designers grade their patterns and produce work which can be sold.


Heather says that far from being an overnight success, her design work has been a slow burn with her publishing YouTube videos and Instagram posts since 2017. She believes there is room in the market for plenty more crochet designers to join her, sharing their own niche of the crochet world.

Heather modeling her ‘Example’ jumper


You can find out more about Heather’s work and her social media and YouTube channels through her website.

My sincere thanks to Heather Griffith for speaking to me for Making Stitches Podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 26 : Granny Square Appreciation with Heather Griffith from HG Designs Crochet

  1. Thank you for sharing this interview with Heather! I enjoyed it so much. She’s so inspiring. Well done!


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